Waiting for my Muse

Yes, I blog. I blog because I love to express my feelings in writing. To clarify and expand my ideas in black and white.  In December, last year, I became a “full-time” writer …which gifted me with “full-time” writer’s block. Because since I now need to write, I can’t … yeah I got nothing.

I have 3 blogs to write (weekly) – one on God (ok…easiest for me), one on leadership (ok…I can stretch) and one on commercial painting (ok…huh?).

I sit at my little desk to begin wording and realize if I just rearrange my desk…the words will come easier.  I should also clean my desk, then the words will be clearer. Oh, and that window which looks out over the city needs to be cleaned as well – yes, that will help the flow of ideas.

Tea! Tea always helps me think. Is that dog hair? I can’t word until the floor has been swept. I think I am feeling a bit hungry….

(OK, that’s better, needed to put on my writing T-Shirt)

Write something worth reading

As I sat to write somehow my fingers auto-clicked over to Pinterest, akin to DIY porn, where I can spend hours skimming projects and ideas I may never use. But oh the fantasies. In my guilt being on Pinterest, I searched “writer’s block’ which seemed to make it research instead of cruising. It came up with a great post with 100 prompts to answer that will help you weave your way out of writer’s block. Then you can just expand your answers into full blown blogs.  OK – now we are getting somewhere. Apparently, my t-shirt is working.

  • Tell us about one of your pets?

My dog is an extrovert. We rescued her February 29th last year. At the time, I was headed to an office each day and had the luxury to take her with me. She had lots of attention, squirrels to chase and her own personal fan club.  Now she works at home with me and suffers through each day just hoping upon hope that somebody, anybody, will come to visit her.  Yes, the UPS guy, mailman, census taker … anyone will do nicely! Upon arrival, she squeals in excitement and proceeds to tell them, in doggy lingo, how she is stuck at home with this person who changes shirts, shoes, chairs, teas, music, and rooms in weak attempts to write, and she has to stand idly by, ball in mouth, just watching…and waiting.

  • What do you stand for?

All that is right, good, and pure in the world! Seriously is there another way people would answer? Most of us can easily answer the question of what we are against. Doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are on …. as you stand on your tippy-toes and gaze over the fence you can point out all the things you are against. Without suggesting which side any of us are on, there is a clear dividing line and a fence to look over abortion, immigration, guns, same-sex marriage, healthcare, climate change, education…

Instead of just saying what we are against, are we capable of clearly stating what we are for? And what are you doing that isn’t just fighting against but actually standing for? Of course, right now you can log into any social media (ahem, Facebook, ahem) and get a complete gluttony of against. Just wondering what social media would like, how the scenery might change, if we were standing for instead of fighting against. That is worth pondering.

So what do I stand for? Truth, honor, and integrity … everything else falls under one of these categories.

(oh, sorry, I’m back … stopped to clean the fish tanks)

  • Best compliment you’ve ever received?

That my husband chose me

  • What are your contradictions?

That I believe in following rules but refuse to conform…you figure it out!

  • The best advice you’ve ever received?

Seldom does a day go by that I don’t repeat something my mama used to tell me. I’m thinking you have to use a southern accent and the word, mama, when you share mother wisdom.

Best advice? That marriage is not 50/50. It’s 100/100 and it is not always equal. Some seasons it’s 70/130 and one partner is carrying more of the emotional load and then in another season, it switches.  Just always make sure you are all in, giving all you have.

(Puppy needed to go out, but got a great shot of my Christmas cactus that, now that we are well past Christmas and into February, decided to bloom.)

Christmas Cactus

  • Describe one of your earliest childhood memories.

I must have been about 4 years old. We lived in a nearly all Japanese neighborhood in Hawaii. It was Chinese New Year and fireworks were stacked along the streets ready to shoot off. The night festivities were beginning. I was outside with my dad standing on a picnic table.  He lit a sparkler and taught me to write my name in the air.

That is the one and only memory I have of my dad. He was killed the following year in Viet Nam after a relatively lengthy deployment.

(Got a little distracted and rearranged the bookshelf behind my desk … much more organized now)

  • What’s your one-word intention for today?


  • What’s your one-word theme for the month/ year?

#joy for the year

  • What are you waiting for?

For my muse to arrive

  • When does your Muse visit?


(Wow is that the sunset?)

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  1. Mick Bostwick

    Well I certainly enjoyed the distraction of “reading” this when I should of been reading other stuff…..I find this very enjoyable as I can hear you moving around in your office from below….not realizing that you should be writing but you to are distracted….

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