Morning Thoughts – Sunday Apr 2

God intentionally puts us where we are, with the job we have, the spouse we have, and with the people who are around us. He calls us to have a broken heart for those who do not know Him. As we walk with the Lord, we are to live in such a way that those who don’t believe can see something different in us. You are good and wonderful and made to be a light for Him. Shine like a light of hope. A hope for mankind. A hope for eternity.

2 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts – Sunday Apr 2

  1. Teresa

    Hi Deb – love reading your post. I would like to comment on the first sentence of this post.
    I don’t believe God intentionally puts us anywhere. If this was true free will and free choice does not exist. I believe he knows the choices we will make because he is omnipotent. Our God is in the past present and future. I also believe he may have a path for us but it may not follow the original route due to the choices we make. We can also choose to change our job, association etc. however I believe God wants us to shine in whatever current situation we are in.

    • deb

      You may be right. However, I don’t believe we can know how we are known by God. His thoughts are bigger than ours. Yes – God in the past, present, and future. Yet, God is all time, so I am not sure there is a distinction in those 3 things in God’s world. He already knows the beginning and the end. How free will fits into all of this? I don’t know. That may well be my first question when I get to heaven. That said, I lean on God uses all things for good and generally leave it at that. Thanks for your comments!

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