Jumbled Dreams

I’ve been thinking for a while now and planning to write but it seems something is always in the way of taking the time to just write. I recently heard someone say “my story matters, and so does yours.” But if your story is not shared, how are others to know about the story you are writing?

A couple months ago, I decided to join a facebook group for women entrepreneurs. Mostly I was wondering if there might be interesting tips or tools for marketing. Eh, it’s been ok. Can’t say I’ve learned anything other than there are a whole lot of women who want to work for themselves mostly with no idea how to move forward. It’s cool they have a forum, but it might be a little more whining that I like.

I didn’t know when I joined the site that God was speaking.

A gal posted looking for help with a website she was building.  She was struggling as she had never built a site. What caught my attention was first, the site was for a nonprofit and second, it was her thirteen-year-old daughters non-profit. I responded.

I began to write to tell her I could help answer her questions, but instead my fingers typed out that I would both build and host her site. And so the story goes…

Sydnee is 13. Her and her mom moved to Nashville a couple years ago. As Sydnee explored her surroundings, she became overwhelmed with the number of homeless and people in need. She was clear that her story was to help them. To do it, she needed a non-profit, where she could collect funds for food, hygiene, blankets, school supplies and so on. Jumbled Dreams was born.

There is a saying that the rest of your story is written starting today. It doesn’t really matter what your story was or is up to this point, a new story begins today. Sydnee’s story began a new chapter. A chapter blessed by God, a chapter entirely focused on caring for others, a chapter placing others above herself – every day. We sit and think, wow there is so much pain, hurt, need in the world. I am glad there are missionaries and noble men and women out there doing good works. Do you ever think a noble 13-year-old? A young girl from very modest means saw the need and said, “I am the one called. Let’s write this story.”

One of my favorite sayings is, “God does not call the qualified, God qualifies the called.” On that day, God qualified a 13-year-old girl, daughter to a single mom, living in a simple apartment in Tennessee. And, why was she qualified? Because she stepped up!

Why does she step up when so many of us sit on watch? This isn’t a drive-by guilting by any means. I am as guilty as the next.

I sit at a stoplight with the homeless man standing 2 feet from my window, holding a sign for food, or work, or help. I sometimes nod and smile and other times, through pure discomfort, I look straight ahead and pretend not to see him standing in my peripheral vision.

I sit in the comfort of my home and watch the devastation by earthquake or hurricane or fire, and I feel good that so many people give or donate or go to help. I don’t.

The cause is presented to me, whether a mission or service, and I determine that it just doesn’t have my name on it, plus I already give in so many other areas. But, couldn’t I give more? I don’t generally stop long enough to ponder that question.

But I see a young girl passionate about changing the world, focused on others, freely and genuinely giving all she has, supported by a tired, hard-working mom, and I am humbled. Humbled by her pursuit. Humbled by her obedience. Humbled by her heart.

Her ask is crazy … she asks that everyone give at least $2 per month.  Two dollars – seriously?  That’s not even a Starbucks! But Sydnee knows, get enough people giving $2 (or $5 or $10) and miracles can happen. She can change people’s lives. And I truly believe she will.

I am somewhat rambling, but I am intentionally writing to introduce you to Sydnee. You can meet her here:

Or here:

And yes, check out her website and prayerfully consider giving – this 13-year-old is touching lives, changing lives and, in-turn, changing the world. We need changemakers – Sydnee Floyd is one of them.


One thought on “Jumbled Dreams

  1. Deb,
    Thank you for sharing Sydnee’s story and bringing to light how often we hide behind someone else’s good deeds. “Oh good someone is doing something so it’s ok if I don’t”. God said, “Love your Neighbor…” I will be The Brave Neighbor!
    Miss and Love ya my friend.

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