FORGING ahead…

verb (used with object), forged, forging.

  1. to form by heating and hammering; beat into shape.
  2. to form or make, especially by concentrated effort

Beat into Shape! Yikes. Heading to the mountains this morning. Going to spend 3 days at Driven for Life’s FORGE: Engaged Team training. Of course, two years ago I made the shift in career to “freelance,” so my current team is me, myself and I. But FORGE, as with all of Driven’s training, is too good to pass up. It’s the next step after BOLD: Advanced Leadership. So ready or not, wish me luck – I’m going in!

I know bits and pieces. I saw glimpses when we assisted at Teen Leadership over the summer. So much of that was about seeking brilliance. Identifying and acknowledging personal strength, leadership and, yes, brilliance.

I believe we can, and should, never stop growing. Never stop bettering ourselves. How can we follow our “why, ” execute our purpose if we sit idly by and don’t strive to grow? To be a changemaker, a forward thinker, you must tune into the conversations deep within your soul. It must always be about who you are becoming. Who you are doesn’t matter – it’s yesterday’s news. You are prompted to your future by your inner spirit. And once you hear that voice, then you must act. You must step out, embrace the unknown. Embrace the uncomfortable.

So I am headed to FORGE…yes, it uncomfortable, yes it’s unknown. But I am bringing all I’ve got. I am showing up and ready to play BIG. Stand by….